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Types of Residential Heat Sources Heating systems are most needed..

A Beginners Guide To Electrical

Types of Residential Heat Sources

Heating systems are most needed by the people who live in the icy areas. Deciding on the best heating system to use in your home is one of the most challenging decisions that you can make. You need to conduct extensive research on the market before you install a heating system in your home. You can choose from the following listed sources.

The first option is the furnaces. There are several types of furnaces that you can choose from. Most homes have vents that allow air into the houses. The air that has entered the house is then taken to an area where it is warmed. The furnace then blows the warmed and filtered air to the whole house. Most of the available furnaces are powered by either gas or electric sources. However, they can also be adapted to be used with oil, coal or wood. The fan in the furnace should have variable speed. These models use less energy than the conventional units.

Heat pumps can also be used as sources of heat in homes. Ground sources and the air sources are the known types of heat pumps. The two types of heat pumps apply different principles. If you decide to use the air source, you will be taking advantage of the warm heat in the atmosphere. Residents who are located in the warm areas are the ones who can benefit from the air source heat pumps. These heat pumps are also used to cool the houses in the warm areas.

The ground source heat pumps are often called the geothermal heat pumps. The ground source heat pumps use the underground temperatures to warm the air in the house. The temperatures in the underground warm the air inside the room. Ground heat sources are not common in homes. If you are looking forward to saving the energy in your home; you should use the ground source heat pump.

Radiant heat can also be a source of heat in homes. This form of heat can be found in radiant baseboard heat, radiant ceilings and hydronic systems. The heated air comes from the electrical coils in the baseboards. The advantage of these units is that they control themselves using the thermostat. These units do not show how hot or cold the house is. They can be used as the primary sources of heat as well as the secondary forms for the rooms of the home that are very cold. The hydronic systems use heated water that is pushed through a piping system to provide heat throughout the home.

Another source of heat in homes are the space heaters. This type of unit allows you to warm the room and save energy at the same time.

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